2 Jun

Upcoming Gold Cobra Promotion

Looks like the new album gonna have a massive promotion in Europe. Read the text below taken from Amazon.fr (France) description of “Gold Cobra”.

“In the 90s and 2000, Limp Bizkit is an icon in their genre, spearheading a new style of music:  nu metal. Where many groups havefailed, Limp Bizkit displays an impressive longevity, forgeing hits album and being critically acclaimed by millions of fans, all with live breathtaking performances worldwide. Everyone is eagerly awaiting the return of the group, although they just launched their recent first single shotgun that all followers of Limp Bizkit immediately rushed to purchase. The single has Heavy guitar riffs, and polished production, but without the frills and Fred Durst at the top of his game inCobra Gold makes this a highly anticipated album. The album will be supported by a press plane, a radio campaign, a campaign website and a subway poster campaign.”

Source: Amazon.fr
Thanks to: Limpunk and hex ified

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