27 May

There’s a new CD coming out on July 19th

Entitled ICON, we know very little about this release. We know it will be released on July 19th (less than a month after Gold Cobra) according to a few major digital stores, including Amazon. This could be the rumoured second Greatest Hits album by the band, or maybe the second part of Gold Cobra that Fred promised not too long ago.  The price is also uncommon for a brand new release: Only 8€. We will have to wait and see what the band has to say about it.


UPDATE: Seems like ICONs are cheap Greatest Hits CDs many other artists have released as well.

3 thoughts on “There’s a new CD coming out on July 19th

  1. Got to be Greatest Hits at that price right? Perhaps it’s to try and capitalize on the Bizkit’s re-emergence as a band. A cheap price will tempt casual fans or people who will buy it for the nostalgia.

    Or maybe it’s that price because it’ll be digital only, but that’s probably unlikely.

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