24 May

UPDATED: Gold Cobra’s Final Tracklisting?

Barnes and Noble, a big retail store, has posted what is supposed to be the final tracklisting for Gold Cobra. There are many surprises as there is no outro nor the much anticipated Ready to Go. Remember this tracklisting is for the standard version and there will be a deluxe version that comes with bonus songs, one of them being ‘My Own Cobain’.


The album will come out on June 28th, although, depending on the country, the album is expected to be released a few days sooner.


UPDATE: theprp.com has posted another tracklisting that includes the bonus songs as well as the outro featuring Lisa Lampanelli. The final tracklisting is as follows:


01 – “(intro)” (feat. Gene Simmons of Kiss)
02 – “Bring It Back
03 – “Gold Cobra
04 – “Shark Attack
05 – “Get A Life
06 – “Shotgun
07 – “Douche Bag
08 – “Walking Away
09 – “Loser
10 – “Autotunage
11 – “90.2.10
12 – “Why Try
13 – “Killer In You
14 – “(outro)” (feat. Lisa Lampanelli)

Bonus Tracks:

01 – “My Own Cobain
02 – “Tale To Tell
03 – “Back Porch

Surprises a bit that the site claims that Lil’ Wayne will be on the album despite the fact that the track he was confirmed in didn’t make it to the final track listing.

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