20 May

Rare Videos

I just came across this folder on my computer and realized i have tons of Limp Bizkit related videos you’ve probably never seen on mother Internet. So i took time to upload some of them. It’s mainly old stuff from the so called good old days. Feels like that moment is coming back again.

I’m glad i’m still able to give the Limp Bizkit community my two cents by sharing this stuff with you. Old interviews might not seem that interesting at first, but that’s exactly the “material proof” we have to compare the old LB with the way they are right now. You can clearly see where they come from and understand their history.


1. Fred Durst Interview on Howard Stern (2002)
2. VH1 Before They Where Rockstars – Fred Durst
3. Bacardi Advertisement using Limp Bizkit’s “Creamer”
4. Limp Bizkit’s guitar search “Put You Guitar Where Your Mouth Is” 2002
5. Matt Pintfield USA Interview with Limp Bizkit & Korn
6. Matt Pinfield Interview Fred Durst & DJ Lethal (1999)
7. Fred Durst Interview Big Day Out 01-26-01
8. Limp Bizkit – Tender Moments With Fred & Matt
9. Limp Bizkit – Significant Other Interview
10. Fred Durst before Kiss concert [Kiss Online]
11. Fred Durst on NBC’s Last Call 2002
12. Limp Bizkit – Rollin’ & My Generation World Premiere (2000)

More to come…

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