15 May

My Own Cobain, Video and Thank You

Nowadays it’s very easy to lose your mind checking all the social networks for the latest news on the band. Fear no more, because we do it for you!

Between today and yesterday, 3 little news were posted in Fred’s twitter and DJ Lethal’s facebook:

Firstly, Fred claimed on twitter that the video shooting (presumably for Shotgun) starts this week. Meanwhile, the band is rehearsing for the upcoming European tour.

Secondly, DJ Lethal is working on the “thank you’s” list that every member of the band will include in Gold Cobra’s booklet.

Lastly, Fred replied to a fan’s tweet that asked for the situation of the song Brand New Meaning. He said that the song will be on the deluxe version of the album, and that now it is called “My Own Cobain”.

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