8 May

‘Shotgun’ single coming May 17th?

That is the cover found on Amazon of what is possibly Limp Bizkit’s new single. Check it out on Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk where you can hear a sample of it, too.

Thanks to forum members vanRok and nylimpfan for this discovery. The cover definitely looks Wes-like.

As for the release date, Play.com says May 15th. Amazon.co.uk says May 13th and Amazon.com says May 17th. I’m gonna go with my gut instinct and say Amazon.com, being the biggest, is right. But hey, could be different release dates based on location (Europe, USA, etc…).

At least something is happening this month, so that’s good news.

UPDATE: Fred confirmed this was legit via Twitter:

“[It] looks pretty legit to me since that’s the new logo I drew and the painting Wes did on the single artwork I turned in last week.”

Read tweet here.

3 thoughts on “‘Shotgun’ single coming May 17th?

  1. Get paid on the 13th. Will definitely be downloading this song!

    Listening to the “webstream” demo of it right now.

    I REALLY thought Ready To Go would be the single, considering how much its been implied in many of the tweets from Fred and other artists.

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