25 Apr

Limp Bizkit still in the studio?

Apparently, Fred Durst is still in the studio putting the finishing touches on the next album, Gold Cobra, according to a twitter conversation between him and Paul Wall. Paul will appear on the song ‘Middle Finger’ if it makes the cut for the final track listing. This is what Fred Durst replied to Wall when the latter asked where he was:

@paulwallbaby in LA baby!! Doing a track in the studio. Hold it down up there champ!

As you can see, Limp Bizkit must be working against the clock as the release date for the new album is only 2 months away.

3 thoughts on “Limp Bizkit still in the studio?

  1. Maybe indecisive Fred decided he didn’t feel Gold Cobra was ready to be released and LB is back in the studio recording another batch of songs. In the next few days, we will get a tweet from Fred informing us that GC has been delayed to Fall 2011.

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