18 Mar

Gold Cobra is finished!

Gold Cobra is finished. Fred posted a video on TwitVid about it. You can check it out here.

It’s not all positive news, Fred also tweeted this a bit earlier:

“So, we’re told only 8 songs can be on an album and 11 songs on the “deluxe” version. When did the times change this? I’m like “whu??””

“I can feel some LimpiLeaks in the works!”

Read tweets here and here.

A lot seem to be happening over at LB camp. Hopefully we get an official release date next week.

15 thoughts on “Gold Cobra is finished!

  1. Fuck this!! We need more than 8 songs. Gaga’s new album has 14 songs. Rise Against’s new album has 12 songs. And LB only gets to have 8. That’s lame. Now nobody is going to buy this album. Everyone’s going to be downloading it illegally. I bet the 8 song album is going to be $15.

  2. ‘Limpileaks’ haha!
    Sounds almost like the record company are DARING you to do it yourselves!
    What happened to the whole ‘2 albums’ thing mentioned the other day anyways?

  3. well as long as there is a deluxe version that I can buy and it has the rest of the songs, im happy. i wonder why the label will only allow 8. maybe it’s the 8 that will be singles and the rest on the deluxe are for the hard core fans

  4. Then you’ll pay a higher price for a normal Album. THATS STUPID! Sorry but the Industry play a game and we are losing it because people like you pay what ever they want.

  5. ranton:

    Why not just join another label like Roadrunner, instead of these money grabbing cunts?!

    haha roadrunner are the most money grabbin cunts

  6. This has just convinced me now to not buy this album. Limp needs to go independent as soon as possible and start releasing their stuff the way Trent does with NIN. This big label shit is getting old real fast, they dont give a fuck about the artist unless they are making them big money (i.e. Lupe Fiasco, etc.)

  7. What the fuck is that for? What about Significant Other or Chocolate Starfish? 15 Songs FTW!! I’m so sad and dissapointed. And what about the 23 songs that were announced? I don’t understand that piece of shit…
    (I’m from Germany, so sorry for the bad writing thing…)

  8. That Sucks!!
    I hope it will be 8 songs without any Outro or Intro shit. And then the labes cries about downloading the music…

  9. Sucks, but we must remember that our loyalty to the band is first. Boycotting the 8 track album won’t do the band any good. It should be the other way around. We must buy it and support it all the way to counter the leaks/illegal downloading. Let’s stop the whining and support the shit out of these fucks. And spread the word!

  10. MosquitoShet:

    We must buy it and support it all the way to counter the leaks/illegal downloading. Let’s stop the whining and support the shit out of these fucks. And spread the word!

    See thats where you’re wrong. The label is literally changing creativity with the artist, and by making it only 8 songs, when they know there is plenty more, is a way to make a buck twice over by having them put out another record for the rest of the songs, all the while being at a ridiculous price prolly around 15 bucks. If you want to support the band to where they will actually benefit from your money, go to the shows, buy the merchandise. Buying the album only has them seeing around 10% of any of that. I’m not whining about this, I’m just not supporting a label. I’ll support the band all day, but not some label who doesn’t give a fuck about its client. After all, did Fred not back Napster when that was going? Just saying. He wants his music heard. Go to the shows and support these guys.

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