12 thoughts on “Lethal disses Mr Hahn

  1. this isn t even worth a hahn answer!
    they are both good djs…so why do such stupid disses…

  2. Lame as fuck. Just shit loads of Immortal Technique samples… It’s fucking LAME!!! They’re both as shit as each other.

  3. I’m assuming you guys never read his reply tweets to other people. He doesn’t have any problems with Mr. Hahn and likes the guy. Maybe you should update this post to reflect that.

  4. lethal is a shitty dj haun kicks the liveing shit out of that wanna be faggot dont even conpear them both haun is god lethal sould be kissing hes feet limp bizkit sucks ass

  5. nar you shut up loser limpshitkit sucks ass wannabe lps lmao joe owns lethal and i like lb but joe kicks lethals ass

  6. joe is god lethal cant beat him limpbizkit sucks ass lp for life limobizkit sucks conpeard to lp XDhahaha

  7. i can’t believe it Lethal! I used to love Limp Bizkit and wanted to buy Gold Cobra. But what the hell is this? I love Hahn too, man! Stop being like the 13 years old kids, you are a man now! LP will never answer this because they are gROWN MEn! I’m disappoint in you, Lethal.

  8. “limpshitkit sucks ass wannabe lps”

    LOL!! Limp Bizkit has been around much longer than Linkin Park. How can you say they are wannabe lps? It’s the other way around, Linkin Park are wannabe lbs. Let me guess, you are also one of those morons who think Linkin Park invented rap rock. So shut the fuck up kid.

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