2 Feb

No malware on The Armpit (updated)

As you noticed the past few days, there have been some notifications of this site having malware. Unfortunately this site has had some problems on the 30th when someone tried to inject malware into our pages but we fixed it right away. Unfortunately Google is still listing this site as bad, but I assure you there is no malware on it right now.

I’ve requested a review from Google so hopefully the warnings will go soon and we can go back to our usual business. In the meantime, sorry for the inconvenience and I hope you weren’t affected by this.

The internet, gotta love it, eh?

UPDATE: Google has reviewed this site again and removed the malware warning. Thanks again and sorry for any inconvenience.

2 thoughts on “No malware on The Armpit (updated)

  1. No way, these are not personal/direct attacks, just people trying to inject malware into WordPress sites. It’s happened to others, too, sometimes it’s completely out of your hands and the hosting firm gets it, other times it’s just poor security on the site owner’s end.

    No idea what the cause was but it definitely wasn’t a conspiracy ‘against TAP’

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