29 Jan

Gold Cobra to be released this summer?

Rumors are flying yet again about a possible release date for Gold Cobra. So remember, take this with a grain of salt:

Un, dos, tres in your face! Nu metal legends Limp Bizkit are finally getting ready to unleash the ‘Gold Cobra’.

After owning the festival season for two years running, Limp Bizkit are close to revealing all details for their comeback album, ‘Gold Cobra’.

Speaking on his Twitter page, frontman Fred Durst has said: “the golden cobra is being mixed, but it takes a very steady hand”.

Full article at this location.

My personal belief is that these rumors are just that… Rumors. But Metal Hammer and Kerrang both reported it so I figured it was worthy of being posted here. Don’t get your hopes up until Fred himself confirms this, though.

6 thoughts on “Gold Cobra to be released this summer?

  1. To be honest I really don’t think the Gold Cobra will be released until 2021. I have the feeling like Limp Bizkit is doing nothing with the album, mainly because even in their stage(s) of recording and touring they were still keeping us in the loop and coming out with more detailed news. Now… Nothing, It’s either they are doing the finishing projects or they are doing nothing with it. I personally along with many Limp Bizkit fans would love at least some information from Fred.

    I don’t know what to expect, I feel it may be delayed for another year or two. But that would be Limp Bizkit’s advertising strategies. Which if they haven’t been able to notice at first they had fans checking this website everyday. Now, I feel as if they have lost a lot of their fanbase due to what they are obviously doing. The Gold Cobra was supposed to come a year ago, if not a little bit over a year ago.

    Fred, if you are reading this… Coming from a true Limp Bizkit fan. Even though your “delay” of Gold Cobra, I still worship Limp Bizkit. And yet again if you are reading this, it’d be very comforting if you’d release some new information, and or release the album in general.

    As noted, if you a reading this Fred… I got a mother-fucking chainsaw, but the real question is… Does Limp Bizkit still have the mother-fucking chainsaw?


  2. and even if Fred confirms it, Don’t get your hopes up! I will not believe any release date, untill I’m holding this album in my hands!

  3. Gold Cobra leaked tracks sounded like the biggest load of CHEESEY POP NU METAL ever. So hopefully their completely switching it up, otherwise no one will take them seriously. ”ONE FOR THE TREBLE, TWO FOR THE BASS, LETS ROCK THIS PLACE”, or watever it is, OH DEAR.

    CSATHFW was acceptable, but thts just going too far.
    Sort it out LB, Iiked the direction u were going with TUTP1. Though it got a weak review from Kerrang, no doubt, when Gold Cobra drops, they’ll give it a decent review, just coz theyll be averagely popular again. God I hate that magazine.

  4. Not sure how you guys don’t understand.

    Gold Cobra was ready to come out last year. It didn’t because the bands major US tour got put off. thats the only reason we didnt get the album. The US is the largest market for album sales, the label would never let the band release their album before being set for a Major US Tour.

    Thats why we will see the album this summer, as they are touring the US. The one benifit of this delay is that the band has been aloowed more time to improve the album as they please.

    Be patient. Theyre was no choice by the band. when they tour the US, the album will either be out or come out during the tour

  5. To Jeremy, – Man! It is the most adequate comment from all which I saw lately. Completly agree with you!

    All of fans, “dig more deeply” ;-)

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