9 Jan

Happy 8th Birthday to us!

Yes, it’s TAP’s birthday today. We’re turning 8.

8 years worth of a great community and site which couldn’t have happened without most of you. By submitting news and posting on our forums you made this site the biggest LB fansite since its first months, and you kept it that way for almost a decade.

Congratulations everyone and thanks, from the bottom of my heart.

Under the cut you’ll find a few photos of Armpitters meeting Limp Bizkit during the 2010 European Tour.

We’ve posted the photos before on the old site, but they are too amazing and deserve to be shown again.

codejunkie sporting an Armpit shirt and Fred

TiNk and his friends

TiNk, his friends and Fred

TiNk on stage with Armpit banner

TiNk on stage

gxpto with Fred

gxpto with Wes

gxpto with Sam

gxpto with Max (Possessed-Rabbit)

Hadez and Max (Possessed-Rabbit) before his haircut

SiDog's Armpit shirt

urie's Armpit shirt

cloudy's TAP sign at the concert

VeLoCi and Fred

VeLoCi and Wes

VeLoCi and Sam

VeLoCi and Lethal

VeLoCi and John

squertes and Wes

squertes and Sam

squertes and John

To another great 8 years of Armpit badassery.

12 thoughts on “Happy 8th Birthday to us!

  1. Things have been WAAAAAAY too quite recently.

    Fred isn’t writing much on twitter and nothing really going on.

    Calm before the storm?

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