21 thoughts on “New song titles

  1. I’m tired of waiting too, seriously. It really takes away from any kind of excitement I had for the album when it was announced almost a year ago.

  2. fuck that i dont believe even a second of this,for the past year i seen the album date get changed 3 different times and so the 2021 thing means febuary 21st or the actually year 2021 and if its the actualy well than i say fuck it this album aint coming out at all…enough said

  3. I have been a fan of Limp Bizkit from the begining ever, noone I know personally is a bigger fan then I am. I am still hella stoked for GC but I have never seen a band dick around their fans and not care about it as much as LB has. The whole 2021 thing is a joke, that was the point where I stopped caring about GC I will not believe a thing that LB says until I have a hard copy of GC in my hands…..

  4. To many impatient lil girls.The record man can throw alot of red tape on a band,I’m sure the Bizcut working on getting it out and we can all hear some real music for a change.

  5. Hey guys, Fred posted three more title tracks, supposedly from Gold Cobra. They are:

    – Release Gold Cobra bitch
    – Waitin’ on the Gold Cobra
    – Livin’ in Los Angeles

  6. hahaha touche!

    I was thinking of writing something just like that, Chase.

    I’m sure the album is soon to come.

  7. Well, I was going to say something really mean but all I can really say is at least I seen them down in Memphis. I think it was in March? But they were bad being in front row and all. I just kinda expect this outta Fred. I remember him feeding us bs back in ’03…and then back in ’05.

    He prolly felt like shit releasing a 7-track cd and it felt like it was just thrown together real quick. Fred prolly wants perfection and wants everything done just right. I actually blame him for my OCDs that have been developed cause of that. lol But it’s all good and at least the Bizkit is ALL still together.

    The only thing I hate that fred does is the subliminal hints that keep us guessing. Sometimes I feel he does that just to keep us interested and that we don’t forget. It’s easy to just not remember that a cd is coming out even when it’s been announced in 2009/2010. It’s 2011. I should have had this cd in my hands back in August. Oh well. Patience is a virtue. If only I knew what a virtue was….

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